• $13.99

    Plato Mexicana

    Two beef enchiladas, one chalupa, one crispy taco.
  • $20.99

    Enchiladas de la Costa

    Tequila flambéed shrimp and scallops with diced onions, chile guajillo and chihuahua cheese; topped with a lobster cream sauce and served with cilantro rice, sautéed zucchini and grilled onions.
  • $11.99

    Enchiladas Mexicanas

    Three corn tortillas sautéed in a red delicious sauce filled with queso fresco; garnished with fried potatoes, carrots and queso fresco.
  • $12.99

    Chipotle Enchiladas

    Three chicken enchiladas topped with our special creamy chipotle sauce.
  • $11.99

    Enchiladas de Res o Pollo

    Three beef or chicken enchiladas.
  • $10.99

    Enchiladas de Queso

    Three cheese enchiladas.
  • $11.99

    Enchiladas Suizas

    Three chicken enchiladas topped with green mole sauce and cheese.
  • $11.99

    Enchiladas en Mole Poblano

    Three chicken enchiladas topped with mole poblano sauce.